About Me

Hello I’m Christian Spears and I’m an experienced personal trainer and casual bodybuilding enthusiast. When I’m not at the gym or out chasing skirt with the boys, I like to write blogs about health and fitness to help other people who are on the same path.

I’m also a part-time professional photographer, often shooting local commercials and I do some freelance magazine work too. I’m into a lot of extreme sports, but I like to keep the balance with more relaxing pastimes like fishing and of course my writing too.

When I have time to spare, I like to spend it on South Beach with my mates, working out mostly, and drinking up a storm afterwards sometimes too. Early morning meditation is common for me, even if I’m tired or hung over. I find it is important to keep the balance and it helps with my bodybuilding by speeding up my recovery time. So when the sun comes up, I get up and meditate.

I’m known to often be the life of the party, and some of my mates would say I’m too loud, but that boisterous nature tends to come with working out a lot and having unusually high testosterone levels. My mates would say I’m a good bloke who works hard and really just likes to have fun.

I love the feeling of having a healthy and powerful body. It gives me the ability to do whatever I want. And there’s no denying that having a great physique helps with all other aspects of life, especially when it comes to woman.

I don’t think I have any innate gift or special propensity to gain muscle mass, in fact for most of my school years I was quite a fatty. I believe that everyone has the same ability to exercise and get great results if they have the right attitude and information. I’ve found that to get the best results in bodybuilding it’s very important to focus on diet, rest, and the right supplements in the right doses. It really can make a massive difference to your endgame.

My two main bodybuilding supplements that I simply can’t live without, are Creatine Monohydrate and an effective Growth Hormone Releaser. The very best GH releaser I’ve used by far is the new HyperGH 14x. It has really helped me to push through a plateau and take my bodybuilding to another whole level. I’ve put up this site to inspire some of my trainees and anyone else who’s keen to take their training up a notch.

Anyway, this site covers a wide variety of information regarding HGH pills and sprays as well as how to get the most out of them. I really hope you find my site helpful on your journey to being a better, fitter, and stronger you.

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